Review of The Zamonia Series by Walter Moers

For some reason, I always seem to make things more complicated for myself. I decided to try doing a book review, so I started with a favourite series of mine. It’s not an easy series to review either, as I quickly found out…

…but maybe a complicated review suits the Zamonia Series— which could arguably compete against a labyrinth for the number of twists-and-turns. Continue reading

Writing Memorable Characters

The man was standing stiff and upright, which made his stomach strain at the buttons of his white shirt. His face was screwed up like a bulldog, and his beady eyes shifted slowly back and forth over the crowd like everyone was up to no good.

If I was writing about a security guard, I might describe him something like that. Capturing someone’s character is an important skill to have, because without characters you have no story. Continue reading