Writing Prompt #22

I wasn’t planning to do a writing prompt for another few weeks, but I’ve found it very difficult to work over the last few days. If you’re coming from the future or another dimension and need an update: covid cases in the UK just jumped back to May’s numbers (bad), I’m pretty sure politics just had diarrhoea (very bad), and I had an argument with a friend about human rights (very very… sad). I’m sure we’ve all been there; it’s really hard when you take a state of mind for granted and someone you care about doesn’t share it. It feels a little bit like I’m at the eye of a hurricane, stuck inside at my laptop only able to stare helplessly at the chaos around me.

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Dear 2020

Dear 2020 - https://sonorahillsauthor.com/

Where were you in March 2020? When science was shunned, again? When a well-known author’s fear of the unknown gave fuel to the fires of transphobes? When in May a man cried, “I can’t breathe”?

I’m thinking about the future and the human rights questions of the next generation. Will they be angry at us for the part our ignorance played? I don’t know. I don’t know how to write this post either, so bear with me. Continue reading