Writing Prompt #24

Today I made pumpkin pie. It was a journey. First, I accidentally broke open the bag while I was thawing the frozen pumpkin puree. Then I didn’t have any ground cloves. And then I burnt it.

It was still an incredibly tasty pie.

Life can be messy, but remember that no matter how burnt your pumpkin pie is, you still made one. And that’s something.

I hope you enjoyed your weekly lame motivational message. Let’s write!

Name of the game: Snap Shot

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Interview with Cherish D. Smith

Cherish D. Smith is a talented poet and budding historical YA novelist. Her beautiful and diverse characters will have you rooting and blushing for them in equal measures. You can find her on Twitter @icherishwriting.


What characters and themes do you like to write about and what inspires them?

I tend to write the quiet characters. I love a quiet character with giant dreams that almost make you go, “This? You want to do what? I mean I guess. If you like it, I love it.” And I am a bit of a romantic, so I love a good “love trumps all.” Is it vain to say that I’m inspired by myself? I have a somewhat quiet personality and ambitious dreams and I am quite easy to make blush. Lol.

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