2017’s Endless Possibilities

This post is about you. Yes, you–the person currently reading these words.

I want to know what you want. More specifically, I want to know what you want from this blog.

New years always feel excitingly new, and 2017 is no exception. This time last year, I didn’t have the I’m going to university this autumn feeling. I was very confident that I would get lots of work done on several of my novels (an incorrect assumption), and I didn’t have a blog.

Every January, I ask myself what it is I want from the next twelve months. This year, I’m asking you too. Whether you’re one of my kind followers or just someone who ended up here by chance, I want to know what you would like to see on this blog.


More kitties?

More book reviews? Should I try movie reviews–because they’re stories too? Do you want to see more of my actual writing? Do I need to use more pictures in my posts? What about my WIPs, do you want to hear about those? Abstract posts? Sensible writing tips?

And what about the other two-thirds of the title of my blog, which claim I like music too? Do you want to hear about that?

I’m blogging for you, after all, so just ask. I possess the inability to stifle curiosity and would love to know.

3 thoughts on “2017’s Endless Possibilities

  1. I haven’t been following long, but the bit about the songwriting is cool. I’m always excited to learn about where people are in their creative process. That being said, if you’re comfortable more about what you’re up to with your wip is also nice. And I guess everything else that comes with it. Writing tips etc.

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  2. I love your cat’s face! “You’re putting this on your blog, aren’t you?” Book reviews would be fun. I need to up my book game, so reading reviews reminds me I need to be reading more. Snippets of writing is cool too. Do you write songs? Is the process for you different from novel writing? I’d like to read that post. I’m new to following blogs so I’m learning too. I also wonder what kind of posts I should be making.

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  3. Thank you for the feedback!!
    Joy, our cat Rocket and his sister Broccoli are exceptionally good at posing for pictures (they also insisted that if I put them on my blog, they should have screen names); I promise to give them occasional cameos!

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