Don’t be stupid (like me)

When they tell you not to stick your finger into spinny metal blades, they REALLY mean it.

Yup. I’m speaking from very recent experience.

You know those stick blenders/stab mixers/hand-held blender things? It’s almost ironic that I don’t know what it’s properly called. Perhaps I should just go with piranhas…

Anyway, I really wanted guacamole, but the avocados really did not want to mush. Hence why I, the genius that I am, decided to blend them up and then stick my finger in the blades to unstick them whilst my other finger was over the button.

All things considered, I got off very lightly with some deep cuts. Plus, I got to experience the operating room whilst awake, because we all agreed that general anesthesia would be overkill for one little pointer finger.

And yes, I did try to watch, but their hands were always in the way… Instead, I had a nice chat with one of the assistants about what Star Wars film is the best (Rogue One).

To summarize, it was an exciting experience that would have been nicer with less waiting and less pain.

So don’t be stupid like me guys–keep your fingers away from… Piranhas or anything else sharp and spinning. Because, if nothing else, you won’t be able to write properly for a while and that sucks.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be stupid (like me)

  1. Haha! Unfortunately I don’t know if it counts as plastic surgery since they just cleaned it and fixed a tendon… but that won’t stop me from telling the story like I did! 😝
    Because plastic surgery on one’s finger is totally the new fashion trend… 😂 xx

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  2. Wow. Crazy! Brings me back to washing a glass cup and squeezing do hard it burst into my finger. I too had to take an ER trip but they managed to barely keep my finger closed with medical glue. I should’ve gotten a stitch.

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  3. Ouch! That sounds awful.
    Yeah, they took one look at my finger and decided stitches wouldn’t work… They’ve just bound it up tight, splinted it, and hoped for the best 😂😂


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