Year in Review: Admire my infographics

Every year, sites like Spotify collate a whole years worth of content into a few minutes of numbers. This year, my partner used my Spotify more than I did, resulting in all the stats coming from songs I have never heard. Oops?

I’ve always enjoyed looking backwards at the end of the year, and to make up for the lost Spotify stats and to have some fun, I thought I’d give you all an insight into what I was up to during 2020. Is this just an excuse to make some infographics? Yes.

With an insane amount of time spent inside, you’d think I would have had more opportunities to think and be productive. To be honest, the whole thing felt like a blur. There were a lot of days where I got nothing done, but there were also days that I worked hard. Here are some of the things I’m most proud of.


After a rocky start to the year and a sudden change of plans, I graduated in July! I now have a piece of paper that says “BSc in Biology”–it’s very exciting. The graduation ceremonies were all canceled, so no cap and gown for me, but oh well. I’ll admit there were times during my degree when I felt very out of my depth and useless, so this is a big deal for me!

Posting on Medium

During the summer I decided to try dipping my toes into the world of freelance writing. I signed up for some content mills, and got rejected by most of them. Ultimately, I turned to Medium, which I’d posted on before but never seriously considered as an option. Turns out I should have been writing there all along; just since this summer, I’ve learned SO much from the site. If you’re looking to improve your writing and maybe even earn a few dollars, definitely check it out. You can find my writing at

This Blog

After a long period of silence (sorry), I finally started blogging again in September. I wrote about some topics that are very important to me, exploring why diversity matters, whether we can still enjoy content from bigoted creators, and bisexual representation to name a few. It was incredible to see such a positive response to these and my writing prompts. Thanks to you guys, you CRUSHED the previous year’s record for views, visitors, and likes! My blog even reached the amazing milestone of 100 followers. It may not seem like a lot to you, but it means so much to me.

Whatever you are succeeding or struggling with, take the opportunity to join me in looking back over what we’ve done in 2020. It’s been a really shit year, but we still managed to get up most days and live our lives. As always, humanity’s incredible ability to persevere surprises me. So tell me something you’re proud of in the comments!

Much love, and happy January.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review: Admire my infographics

  1. Well done on your achievements from last year!
    I’ve cooked and baked twice a week, and cycled most weekends, since the start of lockdown one, which I’m very proud of!

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