Written for Writing Prompt #18


Celestial lights have come to earth that was my first thought when seeing the stars falling from the sky it lasted for months we wake up at night and you can see at first with binoculars but later with the naked eye stars falling out of the sky when it became clear on the radio and on the evening news that they’re not stars but ships people to do collecting food and re-sources from the supermarkets the shelves are empty at the time he arrived the first ship was small knew the size of a Saddam you might have expected to see people to get out of it like a clowns but no one did and then another ship someone said had landed in the village few miles away we drove to see it stocking the car with the last of the petrol there is nothing to see there either but the silver sided droplet we waited for days until finally something bigger came along behind them and as it did the droplets emptied their contents people barricades themselves in their homes while the bird puppets scurried through the streets first collecting the pets then the children and lastly the weathered adults who stumbled into the streets hunting for their last meal. Then there was me. I had lived underground for a month on military rations that my father had stockpiled before he died when I finally came to the surface the ship was blacking out the sky it was hundreds of stories high in the shape of a mountain hovering over the the city I walk towards it there on the ground a silver droplet lay I stared into it and then walk towards it there was a man there he had my face but he was older weathered closer to seeing something that I couldn’t get to see and then he crumbled at the side of it