A Different Me

Written for the game Fire Starter–Writing Prompt #4


I wonder what would happen if I stopped taking life so seriously. Stopped caring what people thought of me. Just did things for the sake of it. Behaved like there was no tomorrow.

I think I’d be a different me. The girl who jumps at every opportunity. I’d break the law, leap out of airplanes, shout in the street, and I’d do things even scarier.

Here we are talking–just talking. But if I were a different me, I’d reach across the table and take his hand. Five fingers plus five fingers makes ten. The number our world revolves around. Base 10. Decimal.

The shadows cast by the fading light would play off our skin. I’d look at him and hope he could read it all in my eyes. Would he smile or would he frown? These are the things I’m afraid of. Would he shake my hand off and walk away, or would he stay and let our fingers create electric light as the sky turns dark?

Today, I think I won’t wonder.

I’ll just find out.