Written for the game Fire Starter–Writing Prompt #2


He took off the mask.

“Sorry,” he said.

Her cold blue eyes stared back into his. “I liked you better as a werewolf.”

“I know.”

She didn’t even blink, just kept looking. He knew she was staring at the black hole in his face. The place where his left eye should have been.

“And to think I thought the red eyes of the wolf were creepy.”

His heart sank. He wondered if she could feel it. Jeena was cold and irreverent like her perfectly intact blue eyes.

“You told me to take it off,” he said, “You wanted me to.”

“I didn’t tell you to take it off,” Jeena retorted, “I told you it wasn’t Halloween.”

He felt the sadness bubbling inside him. “You told me to take it off. You said ‘Johnny take it off, it’s not Halloween.‘ You can’t change what you said after you said it.”

She turned around and walked away. “I don’t want to see your face again,” Jeena called back.

He put the mask back on and kept standing in the middle of the road, waiting for Jeena to come back. He had thought she would understand. Maybe he could have told her about the tree. She might have smiled and said, “It could have been worse.” But she didn’t, of course she didn’t. He knew she’d never say hello to him ever again.