Written by Katie for the game Snap Shot, writing prompt #24

I was sent to free them and in turn they freed me.

Look at the joy on their faces,

Their arms flung high and

They’re full of glee. 

This is not the life they thought it would be. 

I was sent to free them from their captivity,

Imprisoned in a home where the water is unclean and the food is minimal. 

I was sent into a warzone, where the only weapon was imprisonment. 



I expected to be paraded as a predator, or spied upon as prey. 

Instead I was deemed a leader, and they followed me to safety. 

We found water and food on our travels, and bathed in a bubbling stream. 

They chanted as we escaped about how they were fearless. 

Now they follow in the footsteps of those who freed them, 

They bring freedom to thousands of families, and those families follow them. 

And in their freedom they don’t forget to live, 

And one night the two boys followed me to the water’s edge. 

“Boys, it is your time now, and for now off I go. 

Don’t forget your freedom as you live and learn and grow.” 

With that the boys freed me, and high up I flew. 

They will help the many, as I have helped the few.