Our Friend

Written for the game Snap Shot–Writing Prompt #3


“Dude! No way. Never. Ever. No, no, no, no,” said Mike.

“I have to agree with Mike on this one,” I said.

Seireen gave us a hard look. “Go in,” she said firmly.

I stare at the open door of the porta potty. “Uh, maybe later.”

“Go in!”

Me and Mike keep staring. Suddenly she grabs us, drags me and Mike in there and then locks the door. It’s a bit of a tight fit and someone forgot to flush their business. Seireen lifts the spare roll of toilet paper off the floor. Underneath is a big red button that she presses.

Suddenly, we hear music. Queen, I think. “A porta potty that plays music?” I ask.

“No, something else,” she says. The music stops, she opens the door and we enter some sort of room filled with junk. Seireen turns around, “Welcome to my house!”

I blink, then Mike says, “Are you some sort of Alien?”

“Good guess,” Seireen says, grinning.