Written by Rory for the game Snap Shot, writing prompt #24

The cycle had begun again. My eyes blinked tentatively in the cold morning light of an early Spring day. I cocked my head back and stretched my new wings. They felt stiff and untrained, but ready to take flight all the same.

With a little more effort than I first anticipated. I swept my wings back and with a whoosh of air, I took off for the first time once again. The embers of my past life were cast away in that instant. Caught by the breeze, they meandered gently to the ground.

Now high up, and getting used to my new form, my thoughts turned back to past youths. I remembered the first time my eyes had felt that chilly morning light, when I had taken to the skies for the first time. So long ago that it now exists only in my deepest memory. I flew on through the endless sky above, and pondered the deep reservoir of time below.