Searching for One

Written by Kaleia for the game Snap Shot, Writing Prompt #15


One what?
The word stares at me
Set between Two pretty
Ladies and a litter of
Japanese words.

Streams of pink light over a
Plethora of bicycles.
A taxi matches a
Store sign:
The world is full
Of Two.

Pedestrian sign is one
of many. A girl
Walks through the rainbow
Of pink,
Closing her umbrella. I wait
For another human with
An umbrella. Minutes pass.
The girl is gone. The streets
Are left empty. Maybe she’s
The One the sign was
Waiting for.

My own umbrella catches
The pink light. I had not
Yet closed it. I stare
At the space where the girl
Had been and think
If this picture had been
Captured though another’s eyes
They would have seen Two
When the girl walked by.