Smack on the Lips

Written for the game Fire Starter–Writing Prompt #4


I wonder what would happen if I kissed him. Smack on the lips. Just like that. And then walked away. More like ran, because I couldn’t imagine anything but pure adrenaline spreading through my veins like a forest fire. No, walking was out of the question.

But what if I stayed? Waited to see what he did. Would he kiss me back? Would he hit me? Push me away, call me names… or worse. What if he laughed?

I leaned against my locker and stared at him. Nick Travers, king of everything at Harrington High. Untouchable. One of his goons would probably hit me. Drag me out by the dumpsters after school and turn my face into tenderized pork loin.

Nick’s probably not gay or even bi. Those flirty looks he’s been giving me in Spanish class, brushing against my backpack in the hallways—I’ve probably made the whole thing up. Some kind of alternate reality fantasyland, where guys are safe to openly flirt with other guys and testosterone doesn’t rule the roost.

It wasn’t fair.