Writing Prompt #9

As some of you know, we’re 8 days into NaNoWriMo. So far, I’m just hanging on by the skin of my teeth. And yes, I’m counting every word of this intro as a word because otherwise, this post wouldn’t exist–sometimes you just have to compromise. Now, I usually write whatever comes into my head for these writing prompts, but today I’m going to try to tie in the prompt with my novel and use it to inspire wacky new plot ideas. Feel free to join me in trying to weave in your NaNo novel, or just write whatever you feel like!

Name of the game: Snap Shot.

The rules: Stare at the picture. What does it make you think of? What story is it telling? Okay–thought of something? Good. Now set a timer to 10 minutes and start writing that story. Ready, set, go!

Writing Prompt #9 - What story is the image telling? https://sonorahillsauthor.com/

Once you’ve completed your creation, you can see what I came up with here, which as an added bonus is a sneak peek into my NaNoWriMo 2018 novel! Which mostly means it’s just very confusing, but still. I tried.

If you’re really feeling brave, you can post what you’ve written in the comments because, as with all writing games, comparing our unique takes on the photo is the best part, and I’d love to see what you came up with!

My next NaNoWriMo post will come out on Monday, complete with even more writing games and prompts. So if you enjoyed this, keep an eye out for that!

Happy writing!

One thought on “Writing Prompt #9

  1. Light Bringer:
    She stands on the bridge in the bathering dusk,
    putting up the stars like fairy lights
    as the peach-bright sunset fades away.
    She teases each shimmer into position,
    mapping out the constelations
    on the endless indigo heaven.
    The hilside is enrobed in evening mist,
    her hair blows in the breeze off the sea
    as she dresses the sky for Christmas.
    She hangs up her namesake, Cassiopeia,
    the beautiful Queen, with dainty care,
    before melting away into dew.

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