Writing Prompt #10

In the grand scheme of things, 10 is a small number. It’s the number of our fingers. Two bags of custard doughnuts from Co-op (which are surprisingly vegan). And a perfectly acceptable number of zebrafish to own (I was going to say cats, but then I thought about it).

But still. TEN. It’s very exciting to have reached double digits. It also means I’ve been doing these regularly for fifteen weeks (every other Thursday). Writing prompt #1 was actually in May and wasn’t going to be a regular thing. But writing prompt #2 got such an unexpected amount of positive feedback I decided to do it that way! I’ve definitely enjoyed doing a writing prompt every other week, and I definitely think it’s helped my writing. I hope if you’ve tried any of them, that you’ve also found them fun and/or helpful!

So, for this lovely 10th prompt, here’s a new type of writing game!

Name of the game: Spelling Bee

The Rules: Write down the list of words at the top of your page (notebook, laptop, typewriter–whatever you prefer). You have ten minutes–set a timer–to write whatever comes to mind, using all the words in the list, in whatever order you like, crossing them off as you go. But they ALL have to be in there. Minor alterations are okay, like jump to jumped, but stay reasonable. Are you ready? Go!

The List:

Attract, Disk, Belt, Blast, Suspicion


After you’ve finished your creation, you can see my attempt here (because comparing everyone’s different ideas is the best bit!). I used the words to write more of my NaNoWriMo novel!

As always, I dragged the closest person into doing it with me (because what’s more fun than that?!). Here’s my boyfriend’s piece.

This game is actually one I used to play with my mum when I was little and learning to spell, hence the name! We’d both write our stories and then take turns reading them out to each other. It was one of my favourite things ever. I will say though, that my spelling is still terrible. But I think that’s just me…

If you did this writing prompt, and are feeling brave, you can post what you’ve written in the comments because, as with all writing games, comparing our unique takes on it is the best part!

Have fun!

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