Writing Prompt #3

After my sister and I finished writing prompt #2, my little brother jumped up and said “Can I do one with you, too? Can I choose the sentence? Can we do it now?”

Me: “Now?”

Little brother: “Yes.”

Sister: “I want to! We should do a different game though… I know! Let’s do pictures.


New writing game today! We’ll call this one Snap Shot.

The rules: Stare at the picture. What does it make you think of? What story is it telling? Okay–thought of something? Good. Now set a timer to 10 minutes and start writing that story. Ready, set, go!


After you try this out, you can find what I wrote by clicking here (because comparing everyone’s different ideas is the best bit!). I fixed some of the punctuation and spelling to make it easier to read, but this is about fun, not editing.

This… lovely picture was picked out by my little sister–as always, a great help with these writing prompts! She wrote an absolutely hilarious piece but has decided to continue writing it and turn it into something longer, so I’m not posting hers. However, here’s my little brother’s piece (he’s 12). Next time we’re doing his sentence, which he’s already picked out!

If you’re really feeling brave, you can post what you’ve written in the comments because, as with all writing games, comparing our unique takes on the picture is the best part.

Good luck!